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Mister Loup Noir

"My name is Loup Noir, and this is MY shop.
You're not here for work, are you? I'm not hiring."

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 17 stone

Loup, a Wolfman, owns and operates a small but expensive tailor's shop in Weston Court,
the fashion center of the human world. He has no family to speak of, and seems to be quite alone.
In our story so far, his shop has been destroyed (accidentally) by the renegade Faerie soldier Nova,
who has also kidnapped him and his best customer Elgin.
She has demanded that he make her a dress so that she can sneak into an upcoming ball,
as well as that he attend the ball with her so that she can keep an eye on him.
As you can imagine, Loup is none too happy.